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The Photographer



Dear Viewer,

I believe that I am happiest man on Earth because Nature has given me the gift of plastic arts like photography as well as Poetry. Although none of my ancestors were bestowed with such gifts.

I had spent last decade first in composing poem and ghazals in Gujarati and Urdu and then last three years in Photography.

Believe it or not, most of these photographs are taken in the last three years. I request the viewers to enjoy the Nature in my photographs leisurely so that you could enjoy the beauty and greatness of Nature in Birds, Mountains, Flowers, Sea etc.

Identification of birds is very difficult. We apologize if any mistakes are there in identification of birds. We would appreciate if corrections are communicated to us.

My aim for undergoing the endeavour is to enlighten my fellow beings of the beautiful Nature and to inspire them to preserve our treasure.

Jaysukh Parekh “Suman”